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Cr8 A Gift - Blog - Personalised Engraved Gifts for all Occasions

  • Express Your Gratitude with Personalised Best Man Gifts

    The best man is an essential part of a wedding day, as they are the person that provides continual support to the groom throughout the day. The best man is the person that attempts to calm the groom’s nerves, acts as a witness for the nuptials and attempts to make a funny and heartfelt speech that is both memorable and entertaining. Therefore, the stress on the best man can be quite intense, so it is important you thank him in recognition of his contribution to your wonderful day.

    Here at Cr8-a-Gift we supply a wide range of high quality best man gifts which are the perfect way to show your gratitude for all their hard work. We can provide you with a wide range of personalised best man gifts, such as personalised lighters, engraved gift glasses and engraved pocket watches.

    You can rest assured that the best man at your wedding will feel appreciated with a best man gift and it will demonstrate how important they were to you and your partner on your special day.

    You can add a personal message on our engraved gifts which commemorate their role, the date of your wedding and a sentimental message. So you should be sure to convey your gratitude by purchasing a best man gift from us here at Cr8-a-Gift.

    Our gifts are extremely competitive with our industry rivals due to our affordable prices, and you can rest assured that they will be created from high quality materials to provide you with a top quality best man gift.

  • Personalised Gifts for that Special Man in Your Life

    Buying a present for that all-important man in your life can be quite the task, especially if you have no idea what to buy him. Here at Cr8-a-Gift we can provide you with a comprehensive range of the finest men’s gifts on the market which will leave you spoilt for choice.

    We understand that buying a present for that special man can be tricky, which is why we believe the best gift for a man might be something that is personal and individual to him. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a product from our personalised gifts collection.

    Is he a smoker? We can provide you with a range of personalised lighters which will allow them to cherish their handy lighter that they will carry around with them – and they will be reminded of you whenever they use it.

    Does he like a drink? We also offer a diverse range of personalised glasses which can be accompanied with a small bottle of alcohol. This can look like a stunning gift in a home bar or can be a treasured glass that your recipient is sure to use forever.

    Our personalised gifts can incorporate a special message which is individual to the recipient, so whether you are buying personalised best man gifts, to celebrate an anniversary, to commemorate a birthday, to congratulate a father on the birth of their first child or as a token of gratitude for a helpful deed, you are sure to find the perfect personalised gifts for the man in your life.

  • The engraved gifts they really want

    After your wedding it can be a surprise to realise that there is still such a lot to do! Rather than unwinding after a stressful period of wedding planning, once you’ve enjoyed your honeymoon you find yourself tackling all those jobs that come after the wedding. There are thank-you notes to send to all the guests, queries to take up with the venue, the caterer and even the florist… not to mention all those duplicate presents to return!

    However, whether it’s engraved best man gifts, bridesmaid presents, tokens for the flower girls or pageboys you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. We’re sure to be your first and last stop for personalised gifts for everyone who made your special day to special; just browse our catalogue on the website or check out our Ebay page. So that’s one thing you can cross off the to-do list.

    We’re proud of our broad range of personalised best man gifts, bridesmaid gifts and favours because we think they offer the budget-conscious new bride and groom the chance to save a little money while still giving friends something personalised that they’ll treasure. Choose from engraved drinks glasses, whatever their tipple, trinket boxes, classy photo frames and much more. After all, it’s the people that really make a wedding special, and if your special day went off with a bang then a token of appreciation is in order. Here at cr8agift, we can help you give them the engraved gifts they really want.

  • Saying it with personalised wedding gifts

    When you’re wedding planning on a budget, it can be easy to forget the optional extras; after all, you’ve already got the tux, the venue, the cake, the cars… but the best man’s role is a special one and he deserves a little recognition.

    If he’s a bit of a lad and likes his ale, we offer engraved best man gifts to suit him down to the ground. Choose a shot glass, traditional half pint tankard or a pint glass and we’ll engrave it with the date of your wedding, your best man’s name and a short message from yourselves, the happy couple. Alternatively, engraved army dog tags will help him stand out from the crowd on your stag do, and with our prices you can buy one for every member of the stag party… why not get the name of the hotel on there to help them find their way home?

    If yours was a slightly more grown up affair, you’ll want something a little more subtle for the members of your bridal party, and Cr8agift has something for any and every occasion. There are plenty of best man presents suitable for the more mature gentleman, and indeed the father of the bride, many of which can be easily personalised for no extra charge. If he wouldn’t see the funny side of a gag gift, try our chic engraved cufflinks or a zippo-style chrome petrol lighter 'personalised', of course, with his name and your message of thanks.

  • Cr8-tive Best Man gifts

    The best man arguably has the most challenging role in the whole marriage ceremony. Of course, depending on your partner you might disagree but in general a best man has a lot to do on a wedding day, and often for very little reward.

    Marriages can be logistical nightmares. Often the bulk of the logistical planning falls on the best man (him being a man of course.) How much you trust your best man to arrange your wedding is your decision, however traditionally best men have been responsible for arranging everything from catering to transport.

    Perhaps the most familiar best man duty is the speech. For most people, delivering an entertaining speech is a lot more challenging that saying a few simply “I dos,” and the speech, no matter how much alcohol is involved, can be the most daunting part of the whole affair.

    Should you be lucky enough to have a best man that delivers a great speech, surely they deserve a token of thank you. At Cr8agift we believe that best men should be given the credit that they deserve, and that is why we stock loads of great wedding gifts ideal for best men, such as elegant engraved best man gifts.

    To conclude, instead of viewing your best man as an infinite resource, remember that they are meant to enjoy the day just as you are. Make sure your best man realises that you are grateful, perhaps with a simple token gesture or gift. If you don’t, perhaps nest time he won’t be so eager to help!

  • Everybody’s Welcome at the Perfect Marriage

    Around the world cultures have markedly different ways of getting married. However, it is common amongst many of them that everybody is made to feel special, not just the lucky bride and groom. In Greece for example, a wedding is a great excuse for a party, and everyone is welcome to feast, laugh, cry, dance and sing at the ceremony.

    In the UK, we also have a very celebratory idea of marriage. It’s not just about the happy union of man and wife, but British marriages are also about the conjoining of families, who see the whole marriage business as a great excuse for a party.

    It’s not all about the festivities of course, and we often call upon others to make valuable contributions to the ceremony. The best man is an especially important part of a marriage day, and the best man’s speech is arguably the most daunting role of all.

    In the spirit of marriage then, why not reward your best man with a little token thank you. At Cr8agift we stock loads of great wedding gifts and best man gifts, that are an affordable way to spread a little extra love on a wedding day.

    The best man is just one player in a whole theatre of tradition and ceremony of course. Bridesmaids also play an important role, and our range of stylish bridesmaid gifts are the perfect way to say thank you to the bride’s support team on her big day.

  • Cr8 a Special Moment

    A wedding day is about special moments, not just the big “I do” moment, but also all the little magic moments leading up to and following. The best wedding is about making all these little moments truly special, for everyone involved.

    The most challenging thing about a wedding is logistics. The perfect wedding involves lots of little elements coming together on the big day. Often things can be forgotten, and little things can go awry, which potentially could take the shine off your once-in-a-lifetime day.

    To stop this from happening, the key is organisation. Preparing a detailed action plan mightn’t be the most glamorous part of getting married, however it will give you a little extra confidence building up to and during the big day.

    Arranging a special marriage has never been easier. The internet is a godsend for brides and grooms to be, and online you can organize pretty much all aspects of the wedding, apart from perhaps the marriage itself.

    At Cr8agift we’re committed to helping you cr8 that special moment. We offer a whole range of personalised wedding gifts, so you don’t have to worry about paying your thanks to guests on the big day, you can do it in style with our fabulous favours.

    For example, offer lots of great personalised best man gifts, the perfect way to say thank you to arguably the hardest working person at a wedding – the best man! So why not make your day extra special for everyone, with Cr8agift.

  • How many toasters do a newly married couple need?

    If you have been invited to the wedding of a friend and you are wondering what present to buy the couple to mark their big day, you can relax because here on our website you will find some great ideas for wedding gifts. While many people take the easy option and buy a toaster or some other electrical appliance as a present for a newly married couple, it’s always appreciated by the recipients if you show that you have put a little thought into the gift you present to the couple.

    As well as showing that you have given it some thought, the couple are sure to appreciate not having five toasters and six kettles when they eventually unwrap their presents as others like you have gone for the kitchen equipment option! It’s not just the guests like you who use our website to look for great gifts for weddings. If you are the bride or groom-to-be and you are considering the various options when it comes to best man presents and gifts for bridesmaids you are in the right place to find inspiration.

    This is why more and more people who are either planning a wedding or attending one use our website to find best man wedding gifts and presents for the happy couple. As well as giving you a great choice, you can browse and select your gifts without leaving the home, which saves you time and the gifts you choose will be delivered to your address in time for the big day.

  • Gifts for the Bridesmaids – some great ideas are right here!

    Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, so you want to make sure that every tiny detail is taken into consideration. You’ve been planning this day for a long time and you are sure that you have thought of everything, but have you? There is so much to think about, and even with the help of your mother and close friends it can be easy to forget about something which, if you don’t remember in time, can take the shine off the day.

    For example, the friends or relatives who will be acting as your bridesmaids on the day are crucial to making everything run smoothly, so don’t forget about bridesmaids gifts which will be presented to them at some time during the reception. It’s so easy to overlook the little details like this, but if you have suddenly remembered that you haven’t yet bought the presents for your friends who will be supporting you you are in the right place to find a great selection of gifts which will be perfect on the day.

    The same applies to the Best Man and the token you will present to him to thank him for carrying out his duties at your wedding ceremony. If you have a look around our website you will be able to find inspiration including engraved best man gifts and other forms of personalised best man gifts. Once you have chosen the gifts to give your friends, you will be able to relax, knowing that you really have thought of every little detail to make the big day go perfectly.

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