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Cr8 A Gift - Blog - Personalised Engraved Gifts for all Occasions

  • Christmas is Coming

    Christmas 2016 is nearly here & Cr8 A Gift has added a whole new range of Personalised Gifts ideal for Christmas

    Engraved Christmas Mason Jar Engraved Christmas Mason Jar
    Engraved Glass & Jagermeister Gift Set Engraved Glass & Jagermeister Gift Set
    Engraved Baileys Design Glass & Miniatures             Engraved Baileys Design Glass & Miniatures
    Engraved Christmas Design Pocket Watch         Engraved Christmas Design Pocket Watch
    Personalised Fairy Musical Jewellery Box          Personalised Fairy Musical Jewellery Box


  • Wedding season is here folks

    We take the stress out of finding the perfect gifts for your wedding guests. We have a great selection of personalised gifts for your Bridesmaids, Best Man & Parents of the Bride & Groom






    We've recently added lots more gifts to our wedding range including Personalised Vodka Bottles, Personalised Whisky Bottles, Personalised Prosecco Bottles all of which make great wedding gifts for your special guests.


    Welcome to our Great 2015 Christmas range of fab Personalised Gifts for all ages. Our new selection of Personalised Gifts includes our Football Gifts range, Personalised Children's Books & Personalised Bottles of Wine, Champagne, Vodka etc




  • Top 5 - Jack Daniels Gifts

    When it comes to selecting a gift for someone with a discerning eye and excellent taste, it is never easy. But, you have chosen correctly and selected a personalised Jack Daniels Gift. Now the real problem starts, which one do you pick.

    Luckily, the testing crew here at Cr8 A Gift are hear to help. Sadly, we did not get to taste the golden, mellow tasting Tennessee whiskey for all those on show below, but we may have opened one or two miniatures - purely for research.

    So, we have put together our Top 5 Jack Daniels Gifts, showing that you don't have to break the bank to give an custom engraved gift with the charcoal mellow taste of JD.

    Number 1: Jack Daniels Personalised Gift Basket - £59.99

    Jack Daniels Gift - Personalised Gift Basket

    Number 2: Jack Daniels Miniature & Branded Darts Gift Set - £19.99

    Number 3: Engraved Hip Flask & Alcohol in Silk Gift Box - £19.99

    Number 4: Engraved Alaska Crystal Glass & Jack Daniels in Silk Gift Box - £24.99

    Number 5: Engraved Glass Tumbler & Alcohol Miniature - £14.99

  • Personalised Christmas Gifts for Your New Wife

    If you are in your first year of Marriage then this Christmas is a very special occasion - and after all of the excitement of the recent big day, Christmas Gifts can be hard to choose.

    We have a range of Photos frames that can be personalised which would be a great present to your wife with photo from the wedding day in place. Why not choose one of the ones that didn't make the Photo Album but it still a favourite of you both.


    Our Picture frames come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all tastes and budgets but if you need any assistance in choosing we are more than happy to help.

  • Last Minute Personalised Christmas Presents


    If you are looking for last minute Christmas presents then we can personalised and delivery most of our range UK wide in only a few days.

    We are taking Christmas orders until 23rd of December but bear in mind that many of our more popular presents can sell out fast - so if you are thinking of ordering please don't delay

    If you are stuck for ideas how about one of our Alcohol Gift Sets or a Christmas Glasses these are both great gifts to receive and also will give years of pleasure whilst they are used.

    If you need more help why not get in contact we would be happy to help you choose a gift for your love ones

  • Personalised Alcohol Christmas Presents


    Christmas is the perfect time to share a toast with your friends and family, so why not raise a toast with some of our Personalised Alcohol Presents

    The Jack Daniels Personalised Christmas Presents are a big favourite and include Engraved Alaska Crystal Glass & Jack Daniels 20cl in Silk Gift Box and Jack Daniels Gift - Personalised Gift Basket which are two of our favourites

    Or for the Vodka lovers we have a range of Smirnoff personalised gifts including Engraved Hi Ball Glass + Vodka & Cola in Silk Box and Personalised Vodka Gift Basket

    You can off course add a personal message of your choice, why not include a Christmas message to make the present be remembered for years to come
    If you need any help in choosing your personalised Alcohol Christmas Presents then please get in contact and we will be happy to help

  • Why not give Personalised Christmas Gifts

    Every year you try and get the best and most suitable presents for your friends and family. So why not treat them to a personalised Christmas gift thats not only great fun to use but also truly unique We have a great range for mums, how about this Beautiful Trinket Box perfect for keeping those small special pieces of Jewellery and other trinkets safely stored. And for Dad what about a Personalised Stainless Steel Hip Flask great for when he is out fishing, walking the dogs or getting away from it all. This is just a couple of great gifts from our huge range which can be personalised. If you need any help in choosing a gift for you Mum, Dad or other member of your family please let us know. We have years of experience and will gladly help.



  • Christmas Personalised Stocking Fillers

    If you are looking for some stocking fillers for Christmas presents we have a wise selection of Personalised Stocking Fillers that will keep even the most hard pleased happy on Christmas Morning

    For mums we have a whole range of gifts which can be personalised with a message, how about Heart Necklace & Earrings in Personalised Gift Box, whose mum would not like that?

    Dads would like our Engraved large Pub Pint Glass Tankard which comes in a silk lined gift box, so you just need to wrap it - and decide what you want to include as a personal message


    For the younger ones we have some lovely presents including Miniature Tractor Clock which again can include a personal message so years later it will still be remembered and enjoyed

  • Best Wedding Gifts for Young Bridesmaids and Page Boy

    As an occasional and infrequent contributor to this blog, when it was my turn get down on one knee and then set a wedding date, there was only one place that the gifts I, as a groom, gave out were going to come from. And that is from right here at

    So this particular article comes from the heart and from a very personal experience.

    We were to have two young bridesmaids and a nine year old Page Boy. One of the bridesmaids love 'Love Hearts' and one loved pink and flowers, so they were easy to choose for: it was the Heart Trinket Box in Gift Box for the older one and the beautiful Silk Daisy Chain for the youngest.

    hearttrinket-box daisy-pink-box-picasa_custom_

    We had a simple message engraved, their name, bridesmaid, our names and the date of the wedding - just like in the product image.  Simple, but exactly what you want.

    It felt a little harder picking a gift for a nine year old boy. Racing cars, robots, pens, tankards, there were many choice, but none of those seemed right for our Page Boy. Then the obvious choice became clear, it was the be the Silver yoyo:


    Three beautiful gifts, with the personal touch of an engraved message, brought tears of love and joy to both the gift giver and the gift receiver.

    Perfect.  Another special moment on a very special day.

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