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Vodka Gifts

  • Vodka Gifts.. For Stag Days!


    Vodka Gifts can be a fun part of your stag day. If you are the best man we expect that you have a lot of things to arrange for the fun day.

    No matter what you have planned you can make sure the stag will never forget the day (yes even after his eye brows have grown back) and we are not talking about the tattoo either!

    We have some great Vodka Gifts that your Stag will love and enjoy for years to come, including this great Engraved Hi Ball Glass + Vodka & Cola in Silk Box

    and also

    You can view our whole range of Vodka Gifts here. So, tell us - what Vodka Gift would you like to have received on your stag day?


  • Vodka Gifts.. But did you know....

    We have a great range of vodka Gifts to suit nearly all occasions, however did you know....

    1) Absolut Vodka was created in  Åhus Sweden over 100 years ago and has become one of the world's top spirits.

    2) Vodka is a distilled from mainly of water and ethanol (which is colourless and flammable)

    3) The original management team from ill fated online retailer '' used to drink Vodka and Grapefruit juice

    4) Vodka is traditionally drunk neat in the vodka belt countries of Eastern Europe and around the Baltic Sea, where as in the UK its popular for mixing.

    5) Vodka is Fat free.... but does have 64 calories per fl oz (80 proof)

    Cr8aGift range of Vodka gifts include:

    If you can't see the Vodka Gift you require please contact us for help.



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